About Jamp

Jamp is the brainchild and passion project of visionaries determined to solve problems.

It did not take long between the release of Opel´s first electric Ampera-e car until said car lost its On Star service. Owners across Norway were not happy campers – and no replacement was on the cards.

Two of the soon-to-be-stranded and frustrated car owners decided to attack this problem with their solid IT-experience and eagerness to create. In 2021 they founded Jamp in a Facebook discussion forum.

Today, our team and our partners never stop the efforts to wrap advanced technology into neat, easy-to-use packages so that owning a car becomes a joy, not a hassle. Where the car manufacturers stop, we go one step further. And then another.

What started as the creation of a third-party app that would get control functions back in the cars of one single Opel model has accelerated into something bigger. 

We are not just doing this because we love solving puzzles. Which we do. Our main aim is, however, to make real, positive contributions to consumers, charging operators and car manufacturers worldwide.

Today anyone owning one (or more) cars from BMW, Nissan, Opel, Volvo, and Tesla can control them using just one single app. When consumers and companies are asking for simpler ways to charge electric cars, or charging operators crave flexible payment solutions – we do what we can to help. Next on our agenda is making the best route planning navigation tool on the market. As you can imagine we have our hands full – and we wouldn´t want it any other way.

When new puzzles in the mobility industry arise and evolve, we will try to solve them. It doesn´t look like we are done anytime soon.

Our team

Erik Tessem

CEO & Business Developer

Ragnar Ringstrøm

COO & Business Developer

Stian Thoresen

CTO End User Interaction and developer

Haakon Langaas Lageng

CTO Integration and developer

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