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The business case for Jamp

Jamp is a startup on the verge of a major scale up

At the core of Jamp there is a group of people that are more than eager to take on any puzzle and problem coming out of the mobility sphere. 

By combining different strands of modern technology, and putting it together to create new solutions, using innovative software development and always keeping the end user in mind, Jamp is imagining what the world of mobility will look like tomorrow. 

The core team is deeply experienced tech people, who over the years have been collecting experience from different areas of tech and business development. Alongside strong outside partners on the business end they are looking to build ever new solutions. 

Already the company has solved puzzles in terms of onboard technology for EVs and are helping EV owners to an easier way of charging their vehicles. 

Not happy with becoming stagnate in one area, the company is proactively looking for new challenges they can take on. 

In 2023 the business expects to scale up significantly. 

IR Contact: 

Erland Lundby

Senior Business Developer

Kjeller Innovasjon

Email: el@kjellerinnovasjon.no
Telephone: +47 959 46 286

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