Controlling central features in your car by an app may sound like a dream, until you realize just how many apps you need. Every car requires a unique app for functions such an unlocking your car, preheating and media control. A high number of charging operators require their own charging apps, and several route planners for planning those longer journeys.

In the end, apps seem to take up most of your storage space and owning and using an electric car seems more of a nuisance, than enjoyable. In our opinion, using an electric car is simply not available to everyone. Not yet anyway. This is exactly why Jamp is here – to develop solutions that solves this challenge.

One single interface

Jamp wants to streamline the EV-experience by integrating the apps from all the various car manufacturers into one single interface. At the core is a universally formed payment platform for physical and electronic payment.

Just one app to control all your electric cars

What started as the creation of a third-party app that would get control functions back in the cars of one single Opel model has accelerated into something bigger. And today anyone owning one (or more) cars from BMW, Nissan, Opel, Volvo, and Tesla can control them using just one single app.

For individuals and companies

The platform caters for both consumer and business users. This is a huge advantage for companies that either own electric cars or have employees that rent them during work trips.

Range anxiety – no thanks

With our route planner the driver can plan the journey hassle-free and based on the practical needs a longer journey require, with as little time as possible spent at the charging stations. Not only provides this the car ride with flow, but it also greatly reduces queues at the charging stations, as the need to fully charge the car at every stop is no longer there.

Our products

  • App

    Controlling central features in your car by an app may sound like a dream, until you realize just how many apps you need. We have made on that can do everything.

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  • Charge & Go

    Our take on automated payments after you have finished charging your vehicle

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  • EV Charging Payment Hub / e-roaming hub

    Our EV Charging Payment Hub offers a universal payment solution for EV-charging, or E-roaming.

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  • JampCom

    Our Jampcom platform is a series of smart hardware IoT-units that make modern vehicles even smarter with third-party tools.

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  • Payment solutions

    Charging your car should be simpler. We have developed new solutions to make that happen, including making it possible to pay by card.

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  • Queue & Charge

    This is our solution on how to decide who is next in line at the charging station.

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  • Technology

    Thanks to Jamp´s strong partnerships with leading experts in interdisciplinary areas we keep breaking new ground in advanced end-to-end solutions within the mobility tech segment.

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