Our JampCom platform is a series of smart hardware IoT-units that make modern vehicles even smarter with third-party tools. Where the car manufacturers stop, we move forwards to make sure that data gathering and data sharing are based on what the users really want, and that they work across service segments and solutions.

At the top of our priority list is the second-hand market and cars with poor – or non-existent -digital solutions. We are therefore proud to say that we have restored the functionality of Opel Ampera-e (2017-2019 mod.) It´s not a stretch to call this the most complex challenge of them all.

Opel showing off this car to the press and the market back in 2015 was a pivotal moment. Finally, you could buy an electric car that looked like a real car, and with a solid mileage/range and great price to boot.
This was – however – not the start of a roaring success story. Long delays, whopping price adjustments and, not to mention, the loss of the OnStar service as of 31.12.2020 steered the car down a different path. To add insult to injury, car owners faced problems with the batteries delivered by LG Chem. In the end they were promised new batteries with more capacity, renewed 8 years guarantee, and a capacity utilization reset, which had been adjusted down to 80%.

Our products

  • App

    Controlling central features in your car by an app may sound like a dream, until you realize just how many apps you need. We have made on that can do everything.

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  • Charge & Go

    Our take on automated payments after you have finished charging your vehicle

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  • EV Charging Payment Hub / e-roaming hub

    Our EV Charging Payment Hub offers a universal payment solution for EV-charging, or E-roaming.

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  • JampCom

    Our Jampcom platform is a series of smart hardware IoT-units that make modern vehicles even smarter with third-party tools.

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  • Payment solutions

    Charging your car should be simpler. We have developed new solutions to make that happen, including making it possible to pay by card.

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  • Queue & Charge

    This is our solution on how to decide who is next in line at the charging station.

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  • Technology

    Thanks to Jamp´s strong partnerships with leading experts in interdisciplinary areas we keep breaking new ground in advanced end-to-end solutions within the mobility tech segment.

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