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Payment Solutions

Charging an electric car can be more stressful and frustrating than necessary, especially if you have little to no experience with electric cars. You must deal with different charging operators, all with their own devices – and you will not be able to pay directly at the charging station. “Filling” your car with electricity is very different than to fill petrol or diesel, so previous experience with fossil fuel cars might even add fuel to the fire, so to speak.

The solution «everyone» has been looking for

When we ask electric car drivers what they miss about fast charging, the answer is clear – simpler price models and card payments. The 2022 results of the annual Norwegian survey “Elbilisten”, indeed show that nearly 9 out of 10 want simpler payment solutions for fast charging and solutions that work across all the charging operators. Likewise, 7 out of 10 would like card payment directly at the charging station

A simple Life

A charging process like traditional filling of petrol and diesel, where you can just plug the charger and pay with card, is high on many electric car drivers´ wish list.

Safe charging

Many drivers prefer “tap” to app, which allows physical payments at the charging stations instead of having to fill personal information in an app. This will most likely be required by national and international authorities soon, and naturally we want to get in on the action. That´s why we are developing a universal payment platform, supporting e-roaming, which may be used across all charging operators in Norway, the Nordics, Europe, and other continents. 

The market´s digital helper/assistant 

Long story short – we want to be a helper/an assistant who wears many hats. Whether it´s ensuring more exciting and comfortable journeys for electric car owners, helping charging operators implement more seamless payment solutions, or help car manufacturers and importers solidify their customer relationships – we are there to make it happen. 

Our products

  • App

    Controlling central features in your car by an app may sound like a dream, until you realize just how many apps you need. We have made on that can do everything.

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  • Charge & Go

    Our take on automated payments after you have finished charging your vehicle

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  • EV Charging Payment Hub / e-roaming hub

    Our EV Charging Payment Hub offers a universal payment solution for EV-charging, or E-roaming.

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  • JampCom

    Our Jampcom platform is a series of smart hardware IoT-units that make modern vehicles even smarter with third-party tools.

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  • Payment solutions

    Charging your car should be simpler. We have developed new solutions to make that happen, including making it possible to pay by card.

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  • Queue & Charge

    This is our solution on how to decide who is next in line at the charging station.

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  • Technology

    Thanks to Jamp´s strong partnerships with leading experts in interdisciplinary areas we keep breaking new ground in advanced end-to-end solutions within the mobility tech segment.

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