Mobility simplified
by Jamp

Jamp is a software development company driven by a mission to build smart solutions within the mobility sector.

Our data insights and ambitions underpin our efforts to create solutions that are up to speed in an ever-moving mobility sector.

Contributing to green change

Changing the energy mix in the transport sector is a key goal to fight climate change. Electric vehicles are the most important component to make this happen. But to make more people and companies change their vehicles to electric, we need to make it easier to operate EVs.

Jamp has as its core mission to make this happen. Building a payment solution that scales well that can be used across different vendors of charging stations, adhering to governmental demands of making charging payments more universal will greatly help this effort.


Our vision is to change how the electric vehicle industry works, by implementing easy to use solutions, based on a customer obsessive mindset. A universal platform that can be used across different car manufacturers, different service vendors and travel solutions will make it easier to own and use electric vehicles. 

We did it!

For two years, Jamp has worked tirelessly to solve the challenges with Ampera-e. Now we have done it, and we are able to get “normal” functions back in the car.



Our JampCom platform is a series of smart hardware IoT-units that make modern vehicles even smarter with third-party tools.



One app to control all your cars? We have that.


Payment Solutions

Charging your car should be simpler. We have developed new solutions to make that happen, including making it possible to pay by E-roaming and card.

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