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Gives Opel Ampera-e new life

Jamp has untangled the problem, and now frustrated car owners can get a whole new car experience.

The solution, consisting of a new communications unit and an app, gives access to a range of functions not seen in Ampera-e for a long time.

The solution is called Jampcom and gives the functionality as follows

  • Reads the SOC-status (battery capacity) in %
  • Estimated mileage
  • Location of the car
  • Start the heating or cooling functions
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • See your charging speed
  • Find your nearest charging station
  • And more functions that are under development

You can now pre-book JampCom for Opel Ampera

Developing JampCom has taken some time, and it will work as a complete digital end-to-end solution for Opel Ampera-e.

JampCom consists of an app and a whole new communications unit for the car. The reason why we have had to build an entirely new communications unit is “American secrecy” surrounding the car´s existing unit. The new unit will go hand in hand with an app and a data centre that operates the entire solution.

We are starting to commercialise this right now, where we are targeting the near 3500 cars in Norway and the 5500 cars in the rest of Europe.

JampCom communication unit will be set up and connected to your car by one of our certified partners. From there it will be connected to our Jamp-backend ad the Jamp-app, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone.

From joy to disappointment

For all the people dreaming of an electric car, the release of Ampera-e in 2015 was a pivotal moment. Finally, you could buy an electric car that looked like a real car, and with a solid mileage/range and a great price to boot.

In 2017 it was awarded Car of the year in Europe.

This was – however – not the beginning of an everlasting success story, neither for the manufacturers nor for the car owners.

Opel was sold back to the European PSA Groud (now Stellantis) from the American GM. This move resulted in long delays, whopping price adjustments and, not to mention, the loss of the OnStar service from the beginning of 2021.

To add insult to injury, car owners faced problems with the batteries delivered by LG Chem, which posed a fire risk, and consequential user restrictions. In the end they were promised new batteries with more capacity, renewed 8 years guarantee, and a capacity utilization reset, which had been adjusted down to 80%.

Around 9000 cars across Europe will now get new batteries.

Created by frustrated car owners

The one good thing coming out of these problems was the creation of the company Jamp. Discussion forums on Facebook were brimming with frustration shared by Ampera-e car owners, two of them being the soon-to-be entrepreneurs of Jamp.

The question was simple – What can we do to fix this? That was the moment Jamp was born, in one of these forums.

Two years have passed since we began developing the new app of Opel Ampera-e. That is a very long time for an Ampera-e owner.

And at the same time, for such a complex development project, it is really not that much time. Naturally, car manufacturers are often careful with spilling the beans on the car´s “brain”. Finding out how to create the solution has in fact been quite the “police investigation”.

Throughout the process we have had to test several hypotheses to find the solution. Every hypothesis has needed testing time – and we have had to start all over again more than once.

There is no wonder why many of our initial followers have nearly given up.

The waiting has come to an end, and the solution is finally ready. We are very proud.

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