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Recharge tests JampPay in Norway and Sweden

Now charging your electric car will be hasslefree

Easier payments of fast charging has been high on the agenda for both owners of electric cars and authorities. This has also been of high priority for us at Jamp – and now the leading Nordic charging operater is testing our solution.

Together with Recharge in the Nordics, Jamp has established two large payment pilots at Esso Kobbervikdalen in Drammen, Norway, and McDonalds Karslatd Nobelplan, Sweden. At Arendalsuka Recharge announced that they want to put the user in the driver´s seat and offer various payment options at their charging stations.

For those who have followed this progress for a while, there have been extensive and lenghty discussions around simplifying the user- and payment experience for the customer, including within card payments. A specified part of the charging strategy of the Norwegian government will be presented before the end of 2022. Likewise, leaders in EU are discussing whether card payments should be mandatory for the operators within 2027.

– Jamp and Verifone have long been co-operating to create a user-friendly car payment solution at all charging stations. This autumn Verifone, one of the world´s biggest payment terminal suppliers, is launching a next-generation payment terminal called UX700, Ragnar Ringstrøm, chief operations officer at Jamp, says.

This is a hypermodern robust terminal designed for the Nordic climate, and it uses the software platform Google´s Secure Android 10.X by Verifone. The platform is PCI 6.1 verified.

JampPay is built on this platform. By combining intelligent backend systems and integrations, Jamp has developed a set-up that now seems to be the most modern payment-hub for the EV-industry moving forward.
– Jamp has wanted to develop a universal and white cabled omnichannel payment tool for the Nordic EV-users. We like to call ourselves the «Vipps» or «Swiss knife» for EVs. From the very beginning we decided to take a social responsibility and include all operators and partners that might want to join this journey. Jamp´s platform has no limits, just plenty of unexplored possibilities, Ringstrøm says.  

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